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Thumbnail Sống thật - Tập 86 (05/05/2021) Sống thật Tập 86 Phát sóng 05/05/2021. ST 86 Sống Thật - Real Life #90 I 24h Thử Yêu I Chàng trai CỰC TÁO BẠO, vừa gặp ÔM HÔN bạn trai NHIỆT TÌNH. Xem lại, xem online, xem trực tuyến Song that Full Songthat Mùa 1 Năm 2020 “Real Love Fake Love” is a reality show about love. Each episode will have 3 people participating to find their suitable partners. There is a main character among them. The highlight is there is a real love person who really likes the main character, and an actor playing the fake love to challenge the main character’s love. If the main character correctly chooses the person who likes them, they will leave hand in hand.. If the main character chooses incorrectly (the show’s actor), they will have to leave without anyone.
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